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Scientific Programme

The Scientific Programme of the 61st WSC is being developed with the diverse interests of the ISI members and the international community in mind.

It will include presentations on leading-edge research in statistical theory, methodology, and applications as well as state-of-the-art practice.

It will include expository papers as well as presentations and discussions on important societal issues, emerging opportunities and challenges.

The Programme will include Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), Special Topic Sessions (STS) and Contributed Paper/Poster Sessions (CPS).

The scientific sessions will have three different lengths: 70, 100 and 120 minutes.

There will also be Short Courses and Satellite Meetings organised by the ISI Associations and Committees.

Key dates for IPS, STS and CPS

Key dates for the IPS, STS and CPS are summarised below. Further details will be announced on this website at a later stage.

Milestone IPS STS CPS
1 Proposal submission starts 01 November 2015 15 March 2016
2 Proposal submission closes 29 February 2016 15 September  2016
3 Notification about session acceptance 01 July 2016 30 December 2016
4 Titles and abstracts submission starts 16 August 2016 16 January 2017 15 September 2016
5 Titles and abstracts submission closes 31 October 2016 13 April 2017 28 February 2017
6 Paper submission starts 16 January 2017 16 January 2017 15 September 2016
7 Paper submission closes 13 April 2017  13 April 2017 28 February 2017
8 Notification about paper acceptance 31 March 2017
9 Discount registration closes 29 April 2017
10 Registration for organisers, chairs, presenting authors and discussants closes 22 May 2017
11 Online and student registration closes 07 July 2017


Invited Paper Sessions (IPS)

The IPSs are developed by the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) of the ISI and its Associations. IPSs usually consist of 3-4 papers and a discussant invited by the organiser of the Session.

The SPC reviews the proposals, and selects the IPS to be included in the 61st WSC with due consideration on diversity of topics, the regional distribution of organisers, scientific quality and impacts. As a rule, one individual can only organise one session.

List of apporved IPS could be found Here


Special Topic Sessions (STS)

STSs are an important component of the Scientific Programme of the WSC.  Proposals for STS are submitted by individual members of the ISI and its Associations and Committees. The sessions usually consist of 4-6 papers and possibly a discussant invited by the organiser of the Session.

Proposals for STSs are reviewed by the Local Programme Committee (LPC). The list of STSs will be announced later this year. Proposals for IPS that are not selected by the SPC may be considered again as candidates for STS.

list of approved STS could be found here


Contributed Paper/Poster Sessions (CPS)

Any person planning to attend the ISI WSC may submit a contributed paper for presentation. For the submission to be considered by the Local Programme Committee (LPC), it should include a title, an abstract and a short paper no more than 6 pages long. The paper must not have been published in any other conference proceedings or publication before the 61st WSC. The copyright for the abstracts and papers in the proceedings resides jointly with the authors and the ISI. Authors are free to publish expanded versions of the material elsewhere.

Once accepted, a contributed paper will be listed in the programme and presented in one of the following three modes:

(a) Oral Presentation. The speaker will have 15 minutes to present the paper in one of the Contributed Paper Sessions.

(b) Poster Presentation. The presenter will have a space to display his/her poster for one day, and should be available at the designated date/time for on-spot discussion.

(c) Poster-Plus Presentation. The presenter will have a space to display his/her poster for one day, and should be available at the designated date/time for on-spot discussion. In addition, the presenter will have an oral spotlight presentation of 5 minutes on a platform in the same hall of poster-display to advertise his/her poster.

Speakers and presenters must register by 22 May 2017. Only the papers with at least one registered speaker/presenter will be included in the scientific programme.

Contributed papers should be proposed by submitting an abstract and paper using the online submission system by 28 February 2017. The submissions will be reviewed by the LPC to ensure quality. Around the first quarter of 2017, the author who has submitted the abstract will be notified whether the paper is accepted and, if accepted, the allocated mode of presentation. The paper allocation to the different presentation modes and session lengths will take into account both the author’s preference and programme optimisation.