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Plan your trip

Welcome to the World Statistics Congress ISI2017!

The International Statistical Institute and the High-commission for Planning look forward to welcoming you to Marrakech, Morocco.

Please, follow the steps below to plan a successful trip to ISI2017:

  1. Click here to register, if not yet done! *Mandatory
  2. Click here to fill in the information form; this will help us to ensure you have a comfortable stay during the congress. *Mandatory
  3. Book your accommodation. A large number of hotels are available in the area at special Congress rates. *Mandatory
  4. If you are from a non-exempt country, please contact visa-isi2017@hcp.ma, as soon as possible, to help you facilitate your visa application. *Mandatory
  5. Book your travel to Marrakech. *Mandatory
  6. For your local transportation from the Airport to your hotel, please register online here. *Mandatory
  7. Take note of free shuttle services connecting official hotels to the Congress area. *Optionnal
  8. Click to register for the social and the cultural programs before your stay.  *Mandatory
  9. Plan out your tourist stops . *Optional