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Intsructions for posters

Instructions for Posters for Display in the Poster Exhibition Area

[Applicable to participants of CPS in poster and poster-plus modes]

Each participant of CPS in poster or in poster-plus mode is required to prepare a poster of portrait format of 147cm (H) × 87,5 cm (W). Each poster will be displayed in the Poster Exhibition Area, in an allocated poster board of size 1,90m (H) × 1,10m (W).

Please ensure that you print your hardcopy poster before coming and bring it to the Congress with you. No poster printing service will be available at or near to the Congress venue.

The schedule for setting up and for presentation of posters with the corresponding numbers of the panels allocated to individual presentations will be communicated in late June via the website and by individual messages sent to the presenting authors. Please ensure that you put up your poster on the designated numbered panel allocated to your presentation in a timely manner.

If your poster has been selected for poster plus mode, you are invited to highlight your poster by giving a short oral presentation (5 minutes max) on a room near the Poster Exhibition Area on the day your poster is to be displayed. In this case you may prepare and upload a presentation file of no more than 6 slides according to the “Instructions for oral presentation” listed on the congress website.

The files for presentations received will be available on the desktop area of the computer in the Poster Plus presentation room for your deployment. Please ensure that you read and follow all the relevant instructions for oral presentations, and also that you comply with the strict time limit (maximum of five minutes) for the poster plus presentations.

For any enquiry, please contact us by email at contact@isi2017.org or visit the Speakers Room at the congress venue.