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[Applicable to presenters of IPS, STS, and CPS in oral or poster-plus mode]


To support oral presentations, each room at the Congress venue will have a microphone, a podium, a computer connected to a multimedia projector and a screen. The following guidelines are applicable to presenters of IPS, STS, and CPS in oral or poster-plus mode.

  1. All text must be written in English.
  2. Presentation file must be in PowerPoint format (PPT, PPTX) or Portable Document Format (PDF).
    A PowerPoint template can be found here.
  3. Presentation file size should not exceed 20Mb.
  4. For operation management reasons, files should be renamed according to the file-naming convention.File-naming convention comprises:
    • 6 characters for the Session code,
    • followed by one underscore as separator,
    • followed by 2 characters to identify the speaking person’s capacity (C1 for the Chair, S1 for Speaker 1, D1 for Discussant 1 and so on),
    • followed by one underscore as separator and the last surname of the speaker.

    For example, the file ‘IPS001_S3_Sun.ppt’ designates the file in PPT format available for Speaker 3 of session IPS001. The file ‘STS003_D1_Ayhan.pdf’ is the file in PDF format for Discussant 1 in session STS003 and so on.

    The presentation file, named according to the file-naming convention, will be available on the desktop area of the presentation computer in the meeting room scheduled for the session. When you reach the meeting room, you may simply locate your presentation file on the desktop of the computer and launch it to start your presentation.

  5. Presentation file should be uploaded to the Congress Submission System no later than July 11th (see instructions to submit here).
  6. In case you need to replace the version uploaded to the online submission system, you have to do the replacement at the Speakers Room, before 18:00 of the day prior to your presentation.
  7. Uploading files on the computers in the rooms where presentations take place will not be allowed.
  8. Speakers and discussants should reach the room designated for their session at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.
  9. All queries should be sent to contact@isi2017.org.