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Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

The SPC is responsible for the Scientific Programme of the 61st  WSC. It will develop the Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), and will coordinate with the Local Programme Committee (LPC) to prepare the Special Topics Sessions (STS) and Contributed Paper/Poster Sessions (CPS).

Fabrizio Ruggeri, Italy fabrizio@mi.imati.cnr.it
Chun-Houh Chen, Taiwan cchen@stat.sinica.edu.tw
Local Programme Committee Chairs
Belkacem Abdous, Morocco b .abdous@hcp.ma
Mohamed Taamouti, Morocco m.taamouti@bkam.ma
Representatives of Associations
IAOS : Rolando Ocampo, Mexico rolando.ocampo@inegi.org.mx
IASS : Marcel de Toledo Vieira, Brazil marcel.vieira@ice.ufjf.br
IASE : Stefania Mignani, Italy stefania.mignani@unibo.it
IASC : Elizabeth Ann Maharaj, Australia ann.maharaj@monash.edu
Bernoulli : Victor Panaretos, Switzerland victor.panaretos@epfl.ch
ISBIS : Werner Mueller, Austria werner.mueller@jku.at
TIES : Lelys Bravo, Venezuela lelysbravo@gmail.com
At-large members
Kerrie Mengersen, Australia k.mengersen@qut.edu.au
Delia North, South Africa Northd@ukzn.ac.za
Paulo Canas Rodrigues, Brazil paulocanas@gmail.com
Institutional/Ex Officio
Pedro Silva – ISI President, Brazil isi-president@isi-web.org
Ivette Gomes, ISI Vice President, Portugal ivette.gomes@fc.ul.pt
Francisco Samaniego – Past SPC Chair, USA fjsamaniego@ucdavis.edu
Liaison With ISI
Ada van Krimpen – ISI Director an.vankrimpen@cbs.nl
Shabani Mehta – ISI Permanent Office s.mehta@cbs.nl