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About HCP – Morocco

The High Commission for Planning, HCP, is a ministerial structure that has a status of an administration of mission, under the authority of the High Commissioner for Planning with a ministerial rank. The HCP is independent in establishing its programs and in conducting statistical surveys and help with thesisstudies.

The HCP is the key responsible for the collection, compilation, dissemination and analysis of official statistics. It also conducts economic, social and demographic studies in order to assess the impact of socioeconomic policies in Morocco. Besides, the HCP elaborates economic forecasts, national accounts and conducts prospective studies for a long run horizon. Other departments are under the authority of the HCP such as the observatory of population’s living conditions and the center for demographic studies and research. The HCP’s academic pole includes the High School of Information Sciences and the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics that completed its 56 years of existence in 2016.

The HCP has the mission of coordinating the National Statistical System, fostering its development through a continuous harmonization with international standards and establishing partnerships in statistics with national, regional and international paper writing institutions.

For more information, please visit the HCP website http://www.hcp.ma/